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Commercial / Builder Collaboration 

We pride ourselves in our ability to create beautiful designs that are also practical for installation and stand the test of time. Our experienced designer will work with you to translate your needs into a comprehensive 2D plan. Including layout and location of plants / feature trees. Designs you can present to your clients with confidence.

By visualising the finished product, you'll gain clarity and confidence in your project vision. Our expert team will help you to identify the best materials, feature plants, and design elements to achieve your desired outcome. With our assistance, you'll be able to create a stunning and functional outdoor space that exceeds your expectations.


Inclusions are tailored to your clients needs but can include:​

  • A detailed to-scale 2D layout that includes structures, flooring, and key feature trees and shrubs. This layout will give you a clear visual representation of the proposed design, allowing you to make informed decisions about the project and provide a roadmap for the installation process.

  • We can also provide full 3D visualisation, including perspective renders and fly-through videos. 

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“Really happy with my garden design. John was great at swapping out plants I didn't like the look of and adjusting the design to suit our families lifestyle (eg. dog & toddler). He was also clear about how the design would look upon install and how long the plants would take to grow to full height etc. Highly Recommend!”

Bec Hepton, Coogee.

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