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The Best Value for Money Pavers in Perth

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with a paving option that doesn't break the bank? Perhaps you're a first homebuyer looking for an affordable paving option that also looks half decent. Or you may be a busy professional looking for a durable pavement option for a more functional area of your property. If you live in Perth Western Australia and you're looking for professional advice from a local Landscape Designer on which pavers to use, then we think you will find this blog highly informative.

This post is going to address paving options and suppliers for those on a budget. In a future post we will discuss the best premium paving options available in Perth, like natural stone paving and premium porcelain paving.

Paving design

Understanding Your Landscaping Needs in Perth

There are many situations that may lead you on the quest for cost-effective paving solutions. Many first-homebuyers want a cost effective paving solution for their outdoor spaces after finishing an expensive new build. Owners of established homes often want to update their old, dated paving, but options like exposed aggregate concrete or porcelain paving are too modern for their property.

Introducing the Top Value for Money Paving Suppliers

1. Midland Brick: Affordable and Reliable

When it comes to cost-effective concrete pavers, Midland Brick stands out as one of the top choices in Perth. Their concrete paving range is tailored for practical outdoor applications, including driveways, pathways around the house, and alfresco or patio areas. What sets Midland Brick apart is not only the affordability of their pavers but also their consistent availability, making them budget friendly and reliable choice.

The Midland Brick Masterpave Classic range is currently their most affordable paver, however they also have a good range of more premium options available.

The Masterpave Classic is a small, square, concrete paver available in seven different color choices and is basically the cheapest paving option in Perth. These are an excellent choice for more functional areas like down the side of your house or for driveways. It's important to note that this range offers both trafficable and non-trafficable options. If you plan to use them for a driveway, you need to select the 60mm trafficable option.

Explore the top paver suppliers in Perth and learn which options to consider for your project.
Midland Brick Masterpave classic paver options

2. Freo Stone: Quality Meets Affordability

Freo Stone is one of Perth's most reputable paving suppliers, offering a blend of affordable and premium paving options. They have a great range of cost-effective choices like the Coral and Quartz ranges that can transform your pool or alfresco areas.

Freo Stone's Coral Range is arguably the nicest looking of the budget friendly options for paving around pool areas here in Perth. Also looks good for alfrescos and even driveways (just make sure to purchase the trafficeable option). The Coral Range is available in 4 different colours that will suit most properties.

Freo Stone also have some fantastic premium paving options available like porcelain and travertine natural stone. They're a great company to deal with and are a very well established and respected supplier here in Perth. Highly recommend checking them out for budget or premium paving options.

Travertine Paving for an Alfresco area
Travertine Paving for an Alfresco area

Benefits of Choosing Pavers from Larger Suppliers

Opting for pavers from larger suppliers like Midland Brick and Freo Stone brings several advantages:

  1. Affordability: Becuase of the volumes they deal with, they can produce quality pavers at very affordable prices.

  2. Availability: Pavers from these larger suppliers are typically in stock, meaning you likely won't face difficulties in sourcing materials for your project.

  3. Consistency: Larger suppliers generally have better quality control and are easier to deal with if there ever is a problem, providing peace of mind for your landscaping investment.

Technical Aspects of Paving

Before you embark on your paving project, it's essential to consider a few technical aspects:

  • Thickness: Trafficable areas require thicker pavers. Both Freo Stone and Midland brick provide trafficable options for most of their pavers.

  • Road Base: For trafficable areas, a suitably thick layer of compacted road base underneath the paving is essential to prevent sinking and ensure longevity. We typically suggest at least 100mm but this can vary depending on the application, so it's important to check with the paving manufacturer for this.

  • Installation: Pavers for pedestrian areas should be laid on at least 50-60mm of cracker dust, along with 20-30mm of paving sand for screeding.

  • Edge Restraints: To maintain the integrity of your paved area, it's recommended to use concrete edge restraints or haunching along all exposed edges of the pavers.

  • Jointing: While not suitable for all types of paving, using a jointing compound such as "Paveset" can help to reduce the amount of maintenance required for your paved areas. Jointing compounds are installed in the gaps between the pavers and form a weak chemical bond that is stronger than just using white paving sand. These jointing compounds can help prevent ants and weeds, but they won't fully prevent them like grout.

Get Personalised Assistance

If you're unsure about which pavers are the right fit for your project or need assistance with any aspect of your landscaping endeavour, Valley Design Co. is here to help. Our expert team is ready to provide personalised advice and guide you through the process.

When it comes to finding the best and cost-effective pavers in Perth, look no further than Midland Brick and Freo Stone. These reputable suppliers offer a range of affordable options, ensuring that your landscaping dreams become a reality without breaking the bank.

So, why wait? Reach out to Valley Design Co. today to kickstart your landscaping journey. Our team is dedicated to turning your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and functionality.

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