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Bedfordale Landscape Design Client Case Study


  • Redesign the landscaping over multiple zones on this 3000m2 Perth Hills property to better suit the clients lifestyle.


  • Design a landscape that is beautiful and functional

  • Create more privacy with a combination of fixed screening & vegetation

  • Large lawn area for young kids to play and enjoy

  • Pool deck & patio so that pool area is more functional.

  • Integrate the new landscaping with the existing structures and features.

  • New design was to align with the original architectural style of this hills home.

  • Create level areas on sloping block

This comprehensive landscape design encompasses various elements to transform the outdoor space. With the overarching aim of achieving beauty and creating useful spaces for the family to enjoy, the landscape design successfully blends aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. From replacing existing paving with exposed aggregate and expanding the patio footprint to redesigning retaining walls for a flat central area, the project prioritises both functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, the inclusion of a new chicken pen with chicken-friendly plants and the resolution of retaining issues near the washing line and shed demonstrate a commitment to practicality and sustainability. Strategic plantings and feature screening are employed to create a harmonious environment, ensuring privacy from neighbours on all sides. The result is a well-balanced and visually pleasing outdoor space that seamlessly integrates productive, recreational, and private areas.

exterior house design

The landscape design project involves a transformative redesign of the front driveway, replacing existing paving and asphalt with contemporary exposed aggregate. Additionally, the area in front of the shed undergoes a thoughtful re-design, featuring a new asphalt driveway and an additional gate in the front fence for enhanced accessibility. New plantings are introduced in the front garden areas, softening the side of the shed and addressing waterproofing requirements.

house garden design

This landscape design project incorporates a thoughtful approach to transitions, featuring generous steps descending from the deck to the inviting front lawn area. Instead of opting for the replacement of the existing coffee rock retaining along the front, our recommendation involves the use of cascading plants that elegantly spill over the wall, contributing to a natural softening of the structure. This not only adds a touch of organic beauty but also promotes a harmonious blend between the built environment and the surrounding greenery. Furthermore, new plantings strategically line the perimeter of the front lawn, accompanied by edging for simplified maintenance. This strategic placement not only enhances the visual appeal of the front lawn but also ensures a practical and well-maintained landscape for long-lasting enjoyment.

pool outdoor seating area

Pool outdoor area renovation
Before of pool area

The focal point of our landscape design project centered around the pool area, where careful considerations were made to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Opting for a raised composite timber deck seamlessly bridged the gap between the pool and grass areas on the western side of the house. To ensure privacy, composite timber cladding and screening were strategically incorporated along the edges of the pool and deck, effectively shielding the space from both street view and neighbouring properties. The pool fencing underwent adjustments to harmonise with the new layout, featuring frameless glass sections between the pool and deck for an elegant touch. A new cabana structure was introduced over the upgraded deck, boasting a SolarSpan roof, timber posts, LED downlights, and a fan, creating an inviting and stylish retreat. Additionally, the existing verandah/patio structure on the western side was replaced with a new SolarSpan-equipped design, complete with LED downlights and a matching fan, further enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the outdoor space.

Pool entertaining seating area

The use of pots and feature planters were used to enhance the aesthetics of the pool and deck area, providing a visually appealing and dynamic outdoor space. Additionally, new lighting is strategically introduced to highlight the screening and pool cabana area, adding both functionality and ambiance. The pool area is further enhanced with a new anodised aluminium pool blanket box, contributing to a streamlined and organised environment. Consideration is given to potential shade needs, with the suggestion of including a shade sail structure on the northern end of the pool area to offer added shade during the summer months.

landscape design

We chose to replace paving with new exposed aggregate, adjusting the footprint for a larger patio. Redesign retaining walls to establish a spacious, flat, and functional central area in the backyard.

firepit garden design

The firepit/seating area in the NE corner of the backyard with fixed seating was a main feature and focal point of the design. This area featured low shrub planting with floating composite timber bench seats, and surrounded by larger screening plants to provide privacy from neighbours.

garden transformation
Before of fire pit area

Weeping Lilly Pilly sreening trees


A productive zone was established on the eastern side, featuring raised vegetable planters.

veggie planter box design

The new planting to all garden areas includes bird attracting natives and ornamental

planting. We also included a lemon, lime and orange to this area around the veggie planters.

Vegetable garden raised planter box

shed storage garden design

A new chicken pen on the eastern property side, incorporated chicken-friendly plants, addressed retaining issues, prioritised lawnmower access, optimised space around the washing line, and minimised maintenance concerns related to gravel and a large eucalyptus tree.

outdoor area shed zone
Before of chicken pen area

We hope you enjoyed this case study of one of our Landscape design clients! If you'd like us to help transform your space, get in touch today!

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