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Why topsoil is so important in Perth


Have you ever had this problem? Your plants keep dying and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

Creating the right planting medium through the use of organic topsoils is one of the best ways to ensure your garden thrives from the start!

Perth soils are extremely poor quality. Often overlooked, topsoil plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of Perth's environment and supporting your garden.

Topsoil, the uppermost layer of soil, is essential for plant growth. In Perth, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, and water resources are limited, the quality of topsoil becomes paramount. Rich in organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms, topsoil acts as a foundation for plants to establish strong root systems and access the necessary nutrients for growth. Without fertile topsoil, agricultural productivity would be severely hampered, affecting the region's food security and economy.

What's the solution? Use a quality topsoil that will have the right organic matter & minerals for water & nutrient retention.

Don't know what that is for your soil? Talk to us today and book in a consult so we can let you know exactly what you need!

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